About Salene Souza, Sydney Trauma Counsellor, Depression and Anxiety Psychotherapist

I am a Sydney counsellor and clinical psychotherapist with many years of professional experience and training gained in Australia and overseas. I offer short and long-term psychotherapy services in Mosman, Sydney. My area of focus is working with depression, anxiety and trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

In Brazil I was working in a private practice as a counsellor and psychotherapist for individuals and groups (children, adults and the elderly). I also have worked as a pedagogical consultant coordinating social projects Literacy of Adults and Digital Inclusion and as an organisational psychologist at the Chamber of Deputies where I was responsible for the recruitment and selection of workers; coordination and orientation of programmes for worker’s training and development as well as for teenager’s development who worked in the Chamber of Deputies.

My journey to become a Sydney depression, anxiety and trauma psychotherapist

In 2010, I joined Dr Roby Abeles as a co-presenter and co-facilitator for Sydney workshops, therapist trainings, and seminars. Through working with Dr Roby Abeles I gained more knowledge and skills to work effectively with traumatised people.

Together with Dr Roby Abeles I co-developed the MATES Resourcing program. It is a program that gives people specific, easy to use skills to create more relaxation in their own bodies, which lead to an increase in personal feelings of stability and autonomy. Using MATES Resourcing skills helps people to live more consciously, which allows them as a knock on effect, to be capable of being more connected in relationships with others and themselves.

Since my graduation I have been involved specifically in the study and practice of various techniques to help my clients reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma, while also rebalancing their nervous system and expanding the quality of their lives.

My clients often come to therapy wanting solution for stress, physical pain, anxiety, phobias and panic, obsessions and compulsive thoughts and behaviours, depression and relationship issues.

Many of my clients have a history of trauma suffered in their childhood and feel enormous relief and happiness as they start to overcome these painful experiences and memories in their therapy with me.

How I discovered to effectively treat trauma

I consider myself blessed for discovering the power of 6 powerful approaches below:

  • Brainspotting® developed by David Grand
  • Strategic Developmental Model for EMDR developed by Maureen Kitchur which aids in developmental catch-up as well as trauma resolution
  • TRE – Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE) developed by David Bercelli.
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing by Francine Shapiro
  • Somatic Experiencing (SE) by Peter Levine
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology by Daniel Siegel

As a result I developed my own powerful therapy which expertly combines all the therapies above to gently help adults and children who are struggling with problems such as trauma, depression, anxiety, family breakdown, addiction and a range of mental health and behavioural difficulties.


Brainspotting opened new and exciting opportunities for me personally and professionally. Personally, I got rid of many of my own “stuck memories” that I had considered resolved, but were still impacting in my present. After working on these stuck memories I could notice that I was feeling much better with myself physically and finally feeling that my “old stuff” was really in my past.

Professionally, by witnessing many great results on myself, family members and clients, I decided to deepen in my studies to learn more about Trauma and how it can help the symptoms of trauma. Together with Dr Roby Abeles I co-found the Brainspotting Australia Pacific.

I undertook several years of further supervised training to earn the credentials of Brainspotting International Trainer,  EMDR Facilitator and Supervisor, TRE practitioner, SE practitioner and Integrative practitioner .

My work as a creative Sydney psychotherapist and counsellor

Working as a psychotherapist is a creative process for me. I combine body oriented processes into the therapy so that very gently, the body can rebalance and return to optimal functioning.

I enjoy helping others find creative solutions to their problems and feel better about themselves. For example, last year I designed a movement-therapy called Samba-therapy that combines Latin dance movements with a range of psychotherapeutic techniques to work on different parts of the body.

I love to work as a psychotherapist as my passion is to encourage and support individuals while they develop the skills to build healthy lives and relationships with themselves and others, while resolving unhealed issues from the past.

I love connecting with my clients as they move through their pain and begin to enjoy their journey of self-discovery, empowerment and achievement as they create the changes in their lives that they desire.


  • BA in Psychology (with Honours)
  • Undertaking a Master of Brain and Mind Sciences at Sydney University.
  • Somatic Experiencing  (Advanced Level)
  • EMDR Approved Consultant
  • TRE Practitiner/Facilitator
  • PsychoDrama Facilitator
  • Samba-therapy developer
  • MATES Resourcing Program co-developer
  • Clinical member of PACFA and CAPA
  • a PACFA Approved Supervisor

Professional memberships

  • Clinical Psychotherapist Member – CAPA
  • EMDRAA -EMDR Association of Australia member
  • EMDR-Brasil Member

Are you ready to move out of depression, anxiety or trauma?

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