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Although trained and experienced in working with a broad spectrum of issues, my specialisation is working with adults and children who are suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Individual counselling and psychotherapy for PTSD

I work with adults who have experienced a trauma, such as physical, emotional, psychological, relational or sexual abuse or neglect. When left untreated, these experiences can turn into Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

I work with adults that:

  • Want to release the emotional pain of abuse experienced in their childhood
  • Want to end nightmares, flashbacks and vivid memories of abuse or neglect that keep disturbing them
  • Want to understand if what they experienced in their childhood was neglectful or abusive and how to manage or eliminate the present symptoms
  • Want to stop living with confusion, frustration and a deep sense of isolation or loneliness
  • Want to become more present and satisfied in the ‘here and now’ instead of trapped in the past
  • Are ready to work through their past issues so they can feel more connected to themselves and others

Individual counselling or psychotherapy with children

I work with children aged 2 to 15 that have:

  • Been a victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • Witnessed violence within the family or community, including murder, gangs or bullying
  • Witnessed violence at home, on television, movies, or video games
  • Experienced the loss of a loved one due to accident, illness, disease, or violence
  • Experienced loss or displacement due to a natural disaster such as fire, floods, earthquake or cyclone
  • Been in a traffic accident that has caused injury, death or disability
  • Had a relative or friend die due to suicide
  • Been exposed to an act of war or terrorism
  • Grown up in an alcoholic environment
  • Been born with complications or had difficulties during their mother´s pregnancy with them or during birth

I also work with children that:

  • Do not want to go to school
  • Do worse in school
  • Fear leaving the house
  • Withdraw from friends and/or family
  • Watch out for danger all the time
  • Increasely create conflict with family members or friends
  • Appear sad, unhappy, or depressed
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Appear agitated and over-worried
  • Make statements that “no one cares”
  • Want to harm themselves or currently self-harm

Counselling and consulting with parents

I work with parents of children who present symptoms of depression, anxiety or have experienced overwhelming experiences.

I work with parents that:

  • Have already tried every type of strategy to help their children
  • Feel overwhelmed dealing with their child´s reactions
  • Feel helpless and tired in their role as a parent
  • Want to learn more about their child´s emotional needs
  • Want to become a source of safety for their children
  • Are ready to get some professional assistance to build a supportive network for their child

Sydney Workshops and Groups:

MATES resourcing program

The MATES resourcing program is for parents who want to learn:Why understanding the brain and its functions will help the mental health of your child

  • How your own history impacts on your parenting skills
  • How to improve your communication with your child no matter what their age
  • What you need to know to help your child become more resilient and calm
  • How to become more satisfied in your role as a parent.

I also provide MATES training for therapists who want to learn:

  • A set of simple, gentle and easy “therapeutic tools” to be used by themselves and their clients.
  • How to develop internal and external resources to clients,
  • How to provide a healthier and safer way for therapists to be more present and attuned with their clients,
  • How to psycho-educate patients in a simple language about the three patterns of response against the danger: fight-flight-freeze, facilitating the understanding of the nature of trauma and/or stress and
  • How to facilitate the therapeutic process to be done in a consistent manner with self-regulation of the emotional and physiological activation of the client, minimizing the occurrence of dissociation and / or abreaction.


Samba Therapy is for anyone (over 16 years old) who enjoys Latin music and dance and wants to learn new ways to connect to themselves and others.

Samba Therapy is appropriate for people that want to learn in a safe and joyful way how:

  • To ground, centre and breath
  • To respect ones own pace
  • To be gentle to oneself and others
  • To have new attitudes and new ways of connection to oneself and others.
  • To transform negative emotions and thoughts into positive ones
  • To change your collapsed posture into a straightened posture
  • To transform your perception of weaknesses into acknowledgement of your strengths

TRE – Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises

TRE is for adults and children (over 7 years old ) who want to learn an alternative way to release stress from their nervous system.

It is beneficial to:

  • Increase the resiliency of the body because it causes deep relaxation that naturally reduces stress levels.
  • Release emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety, whether it is caused by work stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stresses or traumas from accidents.
  • Reduce pain, increases mobility, and aid healing of past injuries.
  • Help you become more resilient and just feel better about your life

Online counselling

I provide online counselling for adults from interstate and overseas that have access to the internet and cannot get to in-person sessions in my office.


I provide supervision for other professionals, students and new therapists. I am also available for supervision via Skype if you are unable to get to my office.

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