MATES for Mental Health Professionals

MATES is a powerful and effective mental health training for all types of practitioners, including psychotherapists, psychologists and other mental health professionals

The MATES Resourcing Program is best taught to your clients at the very beginning of whatever therapy you will be doing with them. It can then be used as needed when your client begins to get uncomfortable with their affect, thoughts, and memories.

The MATES Resourcing Program is a set of simple, gentle and easy “therapeutic tools” used by the therapist and their clients.

MATES aims to:

  • Develop internal and external resources to clients
  • Provide a healthier and safer way for therapists to be more present and attuned with their clients
  • Psycho-educate patients in a simple language about the three patterns of response against danger: fight-flight-freeze,
  • Facilitate the understanding of the nature of trauma and  stress on the body and mind
  • Facilitate the therapeutic process to be done in a consistent manner with self-regulation of the emotional and physiological activation of the client
  • Minimise the occurrence of dissociation and / or abreaction

We recommend that mental health professionals practice using the MATES Resourcing Program in their own lives and along with their clients. This helps you to deepen the understanding of the skills and also to bring yourself into a state of calm relational mind so you are not overwhelmed by the state of the person you are assisting.A calm nervous system, helps to calm the nervous system of others you’re working with.

The MATES Resourcing Program has shown to be of value for those who have regularly practiced the skills we teach. At the minimum, our clients have felt more in control of themselves and their lives.

Use of The MATES Resourcing Program has resulted in symptom reduction or resolution.

The program is suitable for those who have had the following symptoms and challenges:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder,
  • Alcohol and other Drug Addictions
  • Mood Disorders including;
    • Generalised Anxiety Disorder
    • Anxiety Disorder NOS
    • PTSD
    • Panic disorder,
    • Bi-polar 1 & 2,
    • Mania,
    • Major Depressive Episode, and
    • Depressive Disorder NOS

We have also seen great results with children who have been diagnosed with:

  • ADD/ADHD, and
  • Asperger’s Disorder
  • Childhood Developmental and other Traumas
  • Children of divorce or who live, or have lived, in domestic violence situations
  • Children who have had invasive medical procedures and are traumatised by them

Teachers and other educational professional

Who Can Request the MATES Resourcing Program Training?

The MATES Resourcing Program is available in a variety of delivery formats, which can be customized to the specific needs of a school, organisation, institution, residential treatment or psychiatric facility.

We will present it anywhere there is a need for it. We will work with you on the specifics of what you or your agency or company need and the time you have available for your staff to learn it.

It can be taught to day and evening staff who can reinforce the skills with the adults or children they interact with  between program delivery at schools, social work programs, and psychiatric and treatment facilities.

Feedback about the MATES resourcing program

Adult participants who have used The MATES Resourcing Program to help themselves and who have not introduced or begun any other skills, medications or programs have reported:

  • Within 3 weeks of practicing The MATES Resourcing Program several times per day, they have been able to have 3 or more alcohol &/or drug free days per week
  • An increased ability to interact with their own children and feeling in a calmer state more often
  • Depression is lifting and medications have been reduced and discontinued
  • Their mood lifted and anxiety diminished
  • They were able to focus on tasks better and able to complete projects for the first time in their lives
  • They no longer meet the criteria for the diagnosis they were given prior to stating to practice The MATES Resourcing Program skills
  • Increased feelings of confidence and autonomy
  • Feeling like an adult – “for the first time ever”
  • Parents have said they now understand that trying to stop or control their child’s problematic behaviour was the wrong way to approach their child’s symptoms. They have seen their children’s behaviour change naturally as they, the parent, have used The MATES Resourcing Program and become calmer and more balanced themselves.
  • They have become a calmer and safer parent and as a result, their children are not reacting to their own inner chaos, and are calmer also.
  • The abiity to add their own skills to The MATES Resourcing Program as they become more capable of creative thinking.

Child participants who have used The MATES Resourcing Program to help themselves and who have not introduced or begun any other skills, medications or programs have reported:

  • Their teachers have called and asked what the child’s therapist is doing as the children’s ADD/ADHD or Asperger’s has improved or disappeared after only a couple of weeks.
  • Children are sleeping through the night and are not as clingy, anxious, angry or depressed as before they started to practice The MATES Resourcing Program.
  • They like to teach it to their friends
  • They like to remind their parents to practice The MATES Resourcing Program when their parents get upset, angry, or confused.

MATES Resources


The MATES handbook encourages participants to become familiar with MATES language and reinforces the concepts covered during each session of the program. Included in the handbook are activities and exercises that can be practiced after the training.


A simple rubber bracelet with the acronym MATES to assist them when they are stressed to remember what to do calm themselves and return to calm, relational mind.


DATE: Saturday 13th October 2012        

TIME: 9.30am to 5.00pm      


$250 (gst inc)


Before 13thSeptember

 $220 (gst inc)


Level 1, 742 Military Road Mosman NSW   

 (Above the Country Road store)

MATES Resourcing Program for ALL Mental Health Professionals

Simple, gentle and easy “therapeutic tools” for use by therapists and their clients

MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS are going to learn how to:

• Develop internal and external resources to empower clients to return to ‘calm relational mind’.
•Provide an easy way for therapists to be more present and deeply attuned, creating a greater anchor or  ‘source of safety’ for clients
•Psycho-educate in a simple way about the fight/flight/freeze response and Polyvagal (social engagement) theory to clients, which de-patholgises their patterns of behaviors, thoughts, and shows a ‘noble and empowered’ way to move into recovery.
•Facilitate an understanding of the nature of trauma & the effects of prolonged stress on the body, mind, perception & behaviour
•Facilitate the therapeutic process with your client staying in present day time,  preventing regressive states & re-truamatisation
•Minimise dissociation and/or overwhelming abreaction, facilitate clients to stay within their ‘window of tolerance”, and remain willing participants in therapy, leading to less premature termination by clients.


Roby Abeles,PsyD, M.A. Counselling & Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapist, Clinical Consultant & Co-developer of The MATES Resourcing Program.  25 years of training & experience in Australia and the USA. Roby specialises in the resolution of traumatic and other overwhelming events which, although in the past, still keep people anxious and/or depressed, also treatment of addiction and over use of alcohol & drugs.  Memberships & Training: CMCAPA, PACFA, EMDRAA Approved Consultant, Brainspotting Level One, Somatic Experiencing Advanced Level.

Salene Souza, Co-Developer of The MATES Resourcing Program & Developer of Samba Therapy. Salene is a clinical psychotherapist with many years of professional experience and training gained both in Australia and overseas. She offers short and long-term psychotherapy services for children, teens and adults in Mosman. Her area of focus is working with adults and children with behaviour problems, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.   Memberships & Training:  CMCAPA,  EMDRAA Approved Consultant, TRE Facilitator & TRE Supervisor [in training], Brainspotting Level Two.

Support Staff: Jen Hogarth, MATES Resourcing Program Facilitator-In-Training. She is a counsellor and human resources. She has experience of working with people experiencing depression, anxiety, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

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