MATES for Parents and Children

MATES Resourcing Programs for parents is:

  • an eight-hour workshop divided in 4 meetings, two hours each
  • theoretical and practical
  • a safe space to discover positive external and internal resources
  • a way to balance both body and mind and become the source of safety for your child
  • for parents to be able to create more relaxation in their own bodies
  • a process that leads to an increase in feelings of stability and autonomy and an increased ability to parent more consciously and effectively

Once you feel grounded, centered and connected to yourself , you then feel empowered to support your children in any circumstance no matter what has happened to them.

Stress and trauma can make you lose your connection to the ground. This leads to disorganisation in your mind and body, which is picked up by your child who then feels his source of safety has disappeared.

Maybe you use things like alcohol, drugs, gambling or food to try and make the situation better in the short term, but these short-term solutions often end up creating more problems later on.  You disconnect from yourself even further making compassionate, effective parenting impossible.

If your body is too disorganised you can introduce something positive, a resource to help in reorganisation. Then both body and mind can rebalance and the source of safety return to the child ́s life helping him/her to feel safe again.

In order to prevent or minimize and alleviate stress, it is important to make sure that you are not overwhelmed or irritated by your child’s up and downs.

The MATES program provides information, a variety of exercises and suggestions that will help you assist your overwhelmed child, but the most important thing is it will help you avoid becoming distraught as well.

Your healing capacity is innate and your role as a parent is simple: it is to be the source of safety for your children.

Once your children have you as their source of safety they are free and confident to explore the world and return to you to reconnect to their safety and then explore their environment again. The Mates Resourcing Program provides you with the skills to be your child ́s source of safety.

In this program you will learn:

• why understanding the brain and its functions will help the improve your child’s mental health

• how your own history impacts on your parenting skills

• how to improve your communication with your child no matter what their age

• what you need to know to help your child become more resilient and calm

• how to become more satisfied in your role as a parent.

Once you learn The MATES Resourcing Program you immediately begin to teach it to other people in your circle. Children have often been seen teaching it to other children in the playground.

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