MATES Resourcing Program

What is the MATES Resourcing Program?

The MATES Resourcing Program is a simple program, which provides skills cognitively, emotionally, educationally, physically and neuro-physiologically for parents and children to improve child and youth mental health.

MATES stands for:

  • MIND
  • AIR
  • TRE

Each word stands for five simple strategies you can practice to calm down your nervous system. These strategies were put together in the best way to make it easy to remember what to do when we are stressed or overwhelmed.

The skills taught in the MATES Program include some skills from Somatic Experiencing, mindfulness techniques, boundary-work, visualising, grounding and breathing exercises.

The history of the  MATES Resourcing Program            

The MATES Resourcing Program was originally developed for the parents and children of a non-profit child abuse prevention and neglect program.

The program provided early intervention, prevention and resources for families who were:

  • marginalised and challenged
  • experiencing one or both parents with mental health issues
  • addiction or drug and alcohol dependence
  • domestic violence problems
  • children with developmental or other challenges with their abilities

What was needed was a simple, effective, easy to use, understandable, and cost-free way, to resource the parents and children quickly and sustainably and to improve child and youth mental health as well as the well-being of parents.

We also wanted the resources to be of value to all the parents and children regardless of their challenges and ages. We wanted the skills to be available to each person instantly at any time of day or night, whether at home, on the bus, at work, in a meeting or during a therapy session.

Since the initial development of the program it has been used with other adults and children with the same results. Whether you’re an adult or child, you can easily understand what happens to your nervous system as it is explained simply. This helps us to understand behaviours and emotional states, addictions, acting out and self-harm, which gives you hope and allows you to be ready to practice the skills.

You can also then understand what happens to you when you or your child is triggered into fight, flight or freeze states and how this impairs your ability to function in the world, with your children, partner and yourself.

Who can benefit from the MATES Resourcing Program?

Almost anyone can participate and benefit from our program. The program is easily understood and implemented by most people aged from 4 years-old and up.