Stargazing: Talking to the Stars




Training Content

Part 1

– Step by step how to conduct the session ‘Stargazing – Talking to the Stars’.

– The child’s language.

– How ‘Talking to the Stars’ was born.

– Review of Brainspotting main concepts.

– Uncertainty principle & The Comet Metaphor.

– Demonstration (video).

Part 2

– The Brainspotter Dual attunement with the children.

– Ideas on how to make each step of the BSP setups with children under 6 years old.

– Demonstration (videos).

Part 3

More ideas on:

– How to use toys before, during and after the BSP session.

– How to use the pointer.

– How to use it with parents and children at the same time.

– Demonstration (video) with different BSP setup.

Part 4

More ideas on:

– How to use with teenagers and adults.

– How to plan the session with the child.

– Importance of Psycho-education for children.

Material to download

– PDF of each part of the content.

– PDF of material to be used with your little clients.

About Salene Souza

Creator of “Stargazing: Talking to the Stars – Brainspotting with kids”. She has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in “Brain and mind sciences” from the University of Sydney, Australia. She is also a Brainspotting (BSP) expert and an international trainer. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Thetahealing,  and TRE.

Brainspotting has opened up new opportunities for her on a personal and professional level.

Personally, she had several benefits, such as eliminating her fear of speaking in English language. She has moved to Australia and became a citizen.

Professionally, she has witnessed major changes in her clients’ lives and is always catching up with advanced Brainspotting trainings. In addition, she became the co-founder of Brainspotting Australasia Pacific. She provides basic Brainspotting training in Brazil and Australia and has developed creative ways to use BSP with children and families, dance movement therapy and sound brainspotting with blind people, or with anyone with closed eyes.

Her work “Stargazing: Talking to the Stars-Brainspotting with children” was presented at the 1st International Brainspotting Conference in Búzios, Brazil, in March 2016 and at the Childhood Trauma Congress in Melbourne, Australia, in August 2018.

This online course “Stargazing: Talking with the Stars – Brainspotting with children” is approved by Dr. David Grand. It is an advanced training created and developed by Salene Oliveira de Souza to introduce and apply Brainspotting to children of all ages, teenagers and even adults and families.